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Yeah, I know. Everything is always-on, and you already have enough spam emails as it is. Except this is my work, that you can read. You can help me maintain my position as the World’s Most Poorly Paid Poet. You could actually learn stuff too, you never know.

Look, my point is that in a world where everything is on fire, it’s always useful to know where’s safe to stay. You’re safe here, but you’re not fireproof. That’s your job.

I also promise faithfully NEVER TO BE SPAM.

You also won’t have to worry about missing anything, except of course, all the other stuff you missed because you weren’t paying attention the first time. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox, and I’m the only one having to do ANY work.

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Yes, that’s the plan. A digital pamphlet, just for you, in December 2023. I promise not to offer the work to anybody else, anywhere else. You will ONLY get it here. That’s a good deal, isn’t it?

One day, I Might be Famous

Could you live with yourself knowing you weren’t an Early Adopter? Do you want to see my work before anybody else even has a CLUE what the fuck is going on? OF COURSE YOU DO.

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